At the end of the 2ème In the run-up to the municipal elections and before the City Council meeting that will designate its mayor, Marseille is at a turning point in its history. With the news of the withdrawal of Martine Vassal, candidate The Republicansfor Guy Teissier, Member of Parliament for the 6ème district of Bouches-du-Rhône, PRIDE MARSEILLE launches a solemn appeal to all the elected members of the City Council.

PRIDE MARSEILLE is in essence apartisan. It has worked and will always work with all elected Democrats and Republicans, regardless of their political color, as long as they defend the values of living together and the rights of LGBTQI+ people. 

However, there are some "red lines" that we cannot let pass, in particular that of the questioning of fundamental rights and that of the negotiations with the National Gathering.

The presence in this election of Valérie Boyer, deputy of the 1era The fact that he was elected to the Bouches-du-Rhône constituency as spokesperson was a strong signal that was understood by our entire community. His positions and his involvement in the Manif Pour Tous were known at both the national and local levels.

Tonight, the nomination of Guy Teissier, leads us to come out of our reserve. We cannot remain silent!

The lack of media coverage of Guy Teissier's positions leads us to enlighten our community on the background and the words of the man who replaces Martine Vassal and who claims to become Mayor of Marseille. 

The following items are brought to the attention of City Councillors:

  • Guy Teissier began his political career in the extreme right-wing group "Nationalist Union.
  • In 2011, he was one of 80 House members and 113 Senators who demanded the removal of textbooks addressing sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • In 2013, at the time a UMP deputy, he voted against the Marriage for all.
  • In 2017, he was a signatory, along with Valérie Boyer, of a bill associating child pornography and Marriage for all. Here is an excerpt from that text: "Better protection of the child is possible: first of all by the transposition of international texts, in particular the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Hague Convention on Adoption as well as the European directives, in particular the one on child pornography. Secondly and correlatively, by correcting the inconsistencies in our law, which are due, for example, to the fact that same-sex marriage was misplaced in the civil code."

Finally, in 2014, Guy Teissier was sued for some of his extreme positions, more precisely, he was sued for defamation for his comments on the dirtiness of Marseille and his "Africanization"assumed.

Marseille needs a mayor who is worthy and exemplary in both his or her words and actions. 

For all these reasons, PRIDE MARSEILLE is exceptionally coming out of its reserve and calling on all elected officials of the City Council, those who refuse the stigmatization of LGBTI+ people and all minorities that make up our city, to vote for a candidate who is not tainted by the stigma of LGBTphobia.

Fierté Marseille Organisation - The Office