In this confused and uncertain period, the Pride Marseille wishes first of all to remind its support to those who are directly or indirectly affected by Covid-19. For them and for their relatives we wish a very quick recovery. To those who are bereaved, we address a message of kindness and compassion.

We wish to reiterate our support for all the people in our community, especially the most precarious and LGBT+ migrants, who, in this confinement, live their situation even more painfully.

We also think of our businesses that are closed and often in positions that are difficult to sustain. We hope that they will have the economic strength to maintain themselves to animate our future events.

We know how important solidarity is to you and we know that countless initiatives by members of our community or our associations have been and are being deployed for those most affected by this health crisis.

The current context is, for many cultural institutions, festivals and events, particularly difficult to manage, as the urgency is elsewhere and the future uncertain. However, it is essential to maintain our course and to continue the organization of Pride Marseille.

The absence of precedent, the multiplicity of information and the measurement of risks which remains hazardous, prevent us from guaranteeing that our decisions are optimal or definitive. For the Bureau of the association Pride Marseille OrganizationThe only two current concerns are to be able to organize our events with the guarantee of public safety and not to put at risk the continuity of what we have built so as not to harm the organization of our future editions.

Since the end of February, our Office has anticipated a possible extension of the ban on demonstrations or of the confinement situation. The date of September 5 was then reserved with the local authorities. With their agreement, for several weeks we have been working with the associations on the possibility of a complete postponement of our events, namely the PrideWeek (cultural, militant and festive week), the Festival and the Pride March.

We are proud of the mobilization of associations, businesses, private service providers (management, logistics, security...), public authorities and partner institutions, sponsors and artists. We would like to thank them for their unfailing work and for their support in this particularly uncertain management situation.

The organization of events related to the Pride Marseille 2020 has not been suspended. Our Bureau and the Inter-Associative and Commercial Steering Committee are moving forward with the organization as planned. However, we are closely following the evolution of the news and we try to analyze all the information, whether it is public or from our exchanges with the local institutions and our partners.

The probability that the organization of our events will be maintained at the initial dates, from June 26 to July 4, has been reduced day by day.

Thus, in agreement with the Inter-Associative and Commercial Steering Committee and its administrators, the Bureau of the association Pride Marseille Organizationhas decided to postpone all events of the Pride Marseille 2020 on the following dates:

- PrideWeek (cultural, activist and festive week): August 28 to September 3, 2020.

- Pride Festival: Friday 4 and Saturday 5 September 2020

- Pride March - Saturday, September 5, 2020

This postponement having now been made, we hope that it will allow all the people who collaborate with us to work more serenely on fixed dates, which however remain hypothetical in the current context. Depending on the evolution of this crisis, we are unfortunately not able to guarantee that these new dates can be maintained. 

It is with great disappointment and annoyance that we take this decision but we assure you, despite the troubled times we are going through, of the involvement and professionalism of our Board, our administrators, our volunteers, our associations, our businesses and our partners in the organization of the Pride Marseille 2020.