"They told us we shouldn't exist"

These are the words of the aggressors of two lesbians in Angers, at the beginning of the year, during a rally of the Manif Pour Tous.

This coalition would like us to believe, for many years, that it is the fervent defender of a traditional family model, all without homophobia, without lesbophobia, without transphobia... It is a lie: this obscurantist movement allows the free expression of LGBT-phobic people who persist in denying our existence, our plural families, our acquired and future rights

These people wish to continue their procrastination in the public space during the weekend of January 30 and 31, because the draft bioethics law, of which access to PMA for all is a central element, will be examined in the Senate from February 2. These undignified gatherings wish to oppose a societal will without appeal (65 % of respondents adhere to the opening of PMA to all women, IFOP poll 13/09/2019) and the democratic parliamentary calendar.

"Our families have no less values than yours."

If we have confidence in the allied elected officials to finally bring this bill to term, it is necessary to underline that nothing is yet decided. Thus, we recall that we ask for the extension of the PMA to all women alone or in couple but also to the trans men deprived once again of their freedom to dispose of their body, and that this one is reimbursed at 100 %.

We want the automatic recognition of the second parent in case of PMA because the absence of extension of common law is necessarily a discrimination. Today in France, some parents have to adopt their own children: it is an aberration as well as a humiliation.

PRIDE MARSEILLE is once again committed to the equality of all people with regard to medically assisted reproduction techniques, without conditions of marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity, and wants to reaffirm its fight against the enemies who deny our existence.

We exist, we persist, we resist!

Fierté Marseille Organisation - The Office