What is a real man? To be a man is usually said in the imperative: "Be a man!" And to be a man is first of all not to be a woman, or not to be effeminate.

Where do these injunctions to virility come from? Aren't questioning them the best way to fight against sexism? How do we make our little boys? Should we make them feminists or simply let them build their masculine identity in a less pressing way?

Based on the testimony of a gay man who suffered from this pressure to be masculine, Olivia Gazalé, philosopher, and Brigitte Laloupe, psychologist and coach, will recall the origins of the injunctions to be masculine and how we become men today in our Western societies. They will also come back to the fabrication of gender and the education of our children.

A podcast proposed by the PRIDE MARSEILLE.
Presented by Marine BAOUSSON.
Guests: A gay man, Olivia GAZALÉ (philosopher), Brigitte LALOUPE (psychologist and coach).

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