Episode 2 > BODY

The body is eminently political, it is at the center of many of our claims. Whether it is in the feminist fights or those of the transgender people, the body was and is still today in the center of the social injunctions, that we are child or older.

To what social injunctions must these bodies submit and why are they so important in life trajectories? Why are they the catalyst for discrimination, the trigger for so much violence?

Around the testimony of a trans woman for whom the gaze of others has changed in the public space, Camille Froidevaux-Metterie (professor-researcher and author) and Emmanuel Beaubatie (sociologist and author), will show how the body has been at the heart of feminist and LGBTI+ battles

A podcast proposed by the PRIDE MARSEILLE.
Presented by Marine BAOUSSON.
Guests: A trans woman, Camille FROIDEVAUX-METTERIE (professor-researcher and author) and Emmanuel BEAUBATIE (sociologist and author)

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