Episode 3 > FANTASIES

Sexuality and fantasies are a universe of intimacy, specific to each person, but they also reflect the relationship to others and especially the relationships of domination.

What stereotypes do we reproduce and where do they come from will be the main questions of this episode. What are the sources of our fantasies: Our fears? The relationships we live in everyday society? Pornography? Can we fantasize about everything and what do these innermost thoughts say about us?

Around the testimony of a young gay man who recalls his first time, Axelle Romby (sexologist) and Laurent Gaissad (socio-anthropologist), will shed light on these questions by dissecting the sexual practices and the unconscious that sometimes lead us to fantasize about what militant struggles, especially LGBTI+, seek to deconstruct.

A podcast proposed by the PRIDE MARSEILLE.
Presented by Marine BAOUSSON.
Guests: A young gay man, Axelle ROMBY (sexologist) and Laurent GAISSAD (socio-anthropologist).

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