Race is not a biological issue but a sociological one. Thus we speak rather of "racialization" and "racialized people". Pride in particular the Pride MarseilleIn addition to the above, many of our partners have included these issues in their claims.

What are the social injunctions to which racialized people are subjected?-e-s of the LGBTI+ community? How do these people at the intersection of many discriminations construct themselves slaloming between LGBTI+, racial and gender discriminations?

In order to move beyond the political divides and markers that the term intersectionality suffers from, the Pride Marseille wanted to understand the interest of this tool in sociology.

Around the testimony of a gay man of Asian origin, Sarah Mazouz (sociologist) and Ary Gordien (anthropologist) will explain the interest of this sociological tool to better understand social relations and the relationships of domination in our society.

A podcast proposed by the PRIDE MARSEILLE.
Presented by Marine BAOUSSON.
Guests: A gay man of Asian origin, Sarah MAZOUZ (sociologist) and Ary GORDIEN (anthropologist).

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