Episode 5 > CHEMSEX

Chemsex is not a recent phenomenon but it has become more important in the practices, especially in the gay community, in recent months. This "democratization" Does this phenomenon stem from the health crisis or does it refer to deeper sociological problems?

Is it an escape? A search for performance? Why do some people who don't use drugs now feel pressured to use in order to "participate better." ? 

Is this recreational use only for the LGBTI+ community? What are the dangers? These questions will be the focus of the discussion in this final episode.

Around the testimony of a chemsexeur who practices since several years, Thibaut Jedrzejewsky (doctor) and David Friboulet (psychotherapist and sexologist, coordinator of the network psy-lgbti+ of ENIPSE), will come to explain the mechanisms which push to practice the chemsex and their dangers

A podcast proposed by the PRIDE MARSEILLE.
Presented by Marine BAOUSSON.
Guests: A chemsexist who has been practicing for several years, Thibaut Jedrzejewsky (doctor) and David Friboulet (coordinator of the psy-lgbti+ network of ENIPSE).

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