Friday, July 2nd

Starting at 6:30 pm

The role of music in the history of the LGBTI+ community

Suggested by: Pride Marseille

Ticketing : free entry

Guests Didier Varrod (Musical Director of Radio France), Fany Corral (DJ, founder of the label Kill the DJ), Xavier Paufichet alias DJ IXPE (co-founder of the Discoquette parties and of the project Disques du lobby).

Subject: The evolution of the LGBTI+ movements is underpinned by a soundtrack that mixes Disco, Voguing and Electro among others, and from which emerge icons such as Freddie Mercury, La Callas or Dalida. The songs liberate the word and can be a vector of visibility. It is on the basis of this observation that the Pride Marseille proposes to address the essential role that music plays in the history of the LGBTI+ community and vice versa.

Espace Musical Hyperion : 2 bis, Av. du Maréchal Foch - Marseille 4ème
Literary meeting
Starting at 6:30 pm

Exchange with the writer Wendy Delorme

Suggested by: IDEM Collective

Ticketing : free entry

Subject: The IDEM Collective proposes a meeting with the French writer, performer, and feminist Wendy Delorme, around her book "The time of the fire will come. Discussion of this incandescent choral novel, which is not unlike " 1984 " by George Orwell or "The Scarlet Handmaiden by Margaret Atwood, which is about the emancipation of bodies, the spirit of revolt and sisterhood.

Novel Summary: In this dystopia, the crises we are going through today are reflected... A totalitarian society is set up after the sudden disappearance of a part of the young generation mobilized for the climate. Books are forbidden, borders are closed and women are called upon to procreate to renew the population. But a community, inspired by the Watchmen of Monique Wittig, emerges to resist this new imposed order...

L'hydre aux mille têtes : 96, Rue Saint-Savournin - Marseille 1er
Festive evening
Starting at 6:30 pm

Mila Dietrich at Pulse

Suggested by: The Pulse, in collaboration with ENIPSE Prévention-Santé

Ticketing : free entry

Subject: On the occasion of this 28ème Pride Marseillethe bar The Pulse proposes to make the Cours Julien our stage. With Mila Dietrich to make the turntables vibrate, smoke and a laser for the atmosphere, the terrace will be our dancefloor. All this, with the whole team of Pulse to serve us, and the information-prevention stand of the association ENIPSE.

Le Pulse : 94, Cours Julien - Marseille 6ème
Starting at 7:00 pm

To the 3G exhibits PoM Urb

Suggested by: To 3G

Ticketing : free entry

Subject: The association bar To 3G gives free rein to the exhibition PoM Urb. At a time of non-stop newsfeeds and social networks, with newsprint, red and black, she brings to life or revives free women, strong and fragile, sometimes losing but always fighting. Since 2014, this is how she shares on the walls of the city or elsewhere stories of women who matter to her, question her, touch her, support her.

To 3G : 3, rue St. Pierre - Marseille 5ème
Dance Workshop
From 8 PM

Arabness, Body and People

Suggested by: Festival of Marseille & AOZIZ (the houses of inclusion in Marseille)

Ticketing : free admission with registration at

Subject: Dance and improvisation workshop. Participatory performance Itmahrag Extended. Created from the original play Itmahrag, Itmahrag Extended is a 15mn performance involving 15 to 50 amateurs (all public). An original sharing in the heart of the Mahraganat. Registrants will work with the company's artists in three workshops (Sat. June 26, Sun. June 27 and Thu. 1er July). The Festival of Marseille and AOZIZ propose to discover the restitution of this performance at the Friche Belle de Mai (July 2 at 8pm).

Itmahrag: Show by the Cie. Olivier Dubois, on Thursday July 8 and Friday July 9 at Silo. Ticketing: 10€ and 1€ for the Charte Culture (solidarity ticketing for people with disabilities or in precarious situations). In this artistic project between France and Egypt, 11 dancers and musicians take over the Mahraganat, this new musical and artistic expression of the young generation of the popular districts of Cairo.

Friche Belle de Mai : 41, rue Jobin - Marseille 3ème
CEPAC Silo : 35, rue du Lazaret - Marseille 2ème

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