On Thursday, November 9, 2022, the Law Commission of the National Assembly adopted a bill to enshrine abortion (Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy) in the constitution. While we are pleased that such a provision can be protected by our constitution, we strongly denounce the amendment N° CL16, brought by the Renaissance deputy, Aurore Bergé, which excludes trans men, non-binary people and intersex people, in general any person who can bear a child, but who does not have a female civil status.

From a general text "No one may be deprived of the right to an abortion", which insisted on the unconditional fundamental liberty of such a right, we thus move to "No woman may be deprived of the right to an abortion". This amendment, by conditioning a primordial human right on a civil status box, is unbelievably violent. By claiming to protect the right to abortion, it creates a zone of no rights for a whole category of the population: trans men, non-binary people and intersex people... 

There is no debate, only facts: trans men, non-binary people or intersex people can have a uterus, bear children, or terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Respect for their gender self-determination is a fundamental human right and therefore abortion must be accessible to everyone regardless of gender identity.

Aurore Bergé and the deputies of the presidential party, after having excluded trans people from the right of access to MAP (Medically Assisted Reproduction), illustrate themselves again with a fundamentally transphobic bill. Let us recall that this amendment was proposed following the meeting of the deputy Aurore Bergé with figures of the anti-trans movement, supported by the extreme right. It is inadmissible that a member of the majority of the Parliament should endorse and, moreover, publicly support such an ideology. Let's remember that transphobia is a crime1.

At a time when our society is going through a serious social crisis, when hard-won human rights are being challenged, and when trans and intersex people are insulted, denigrated and discriminated against on a daily basis in access to health care, housing and work, it is urgent to build a feminist response and to mobilize in defense of reproductive rights. 

We, anti-discrimination associations, are deeply concerned about this historic setback. We call on all associations / collectives / pride marches / LGBTQI+ centers / public and political figures to mobilize and follow our call to rally in front of their city hall and to question their local elected officials.

This Friday, November 18 at 7pm, let's gather for trans and intersex rights, and to support abortion rights for all.  

Pride Marseille warmly thanks all the groups, associations, structures and personalities who have co-signed this press release: Fierté Marseille Organisation ; ACGLSF ; Act Up-Paris ; Association MANOSQUEER ; Association T-Time ; Association TRANSAT ; Bi'Cause ; Centre lgbtqi+ Paris-ÎdF ; Collectif Archives LGBTQl+ ; Collectif IDEM ; Collectif Qoeur Qoeur ; Coming out ; Commission LGBTI+ d'EELV ; Contact 13 ; Couleurs Gaies ; DramaQueer FC ; Fédération Sportive LGBT+ ; Pride Pas-de-Calais ; Inter-LGBT; Jean-Luc Romero-Michel - Deputy Mayor of Paris ; Laurence Vanceunebrock - Member of Parliament ; Les Assises Lesbiennes de Marseille ; Les Sœurs de la Perpétuelle Indulgence Couvent des Chênaies " Mission des Cagoles " ; NOSIG - Centre lgbtqi+ de Nantes ; Rainbhôpital ; Rando's Provence ; Séropotes ; Stop Homophobie ; Strass - Syndicat du Travail Sexuel ; Théo Challande Névoret - Deputy Mayor of Marseille.

Press contact: Lilian RIVIÈRE - 06 06 86 54 50 /

1 1 year imprisonment and 45,000 fine.