Carte blanche (free rein) at the festival Les instants vidéo Numériques et Poétiques (Digital and Poetic Video Moments)


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● Projection: when the gaze of another chosifies and petrifies me, then finding courage and pride is not misplaced pride. I look you straight in the eye and I will never be your witch. I look you straight in the eye and you will never be my hell.

- Mermaid - Mlungu - Mamlambo - Mami Wata (3'45 - 2013) / Fred Koenig & Dean Hutton (South Africa)
- Slaughterhouse (14'50 - 2017) / Steven Cohen (South Africa)
- Knowing how to love (1'45 - 2004) / Pascal Lièvre (France)
- Mermaids (Sirens) (6'10 - 2021) / Romain Olivieri, Valentin Fesquet (France) (4'14 - 2018) / Clémence - B. T. D. Barret (France / Thailand) For Creation (7'22 - 2021) / Deborah Louise Kelly (Australia)
- Dont Text Your Ex (13'12 - 2021) / Jo Güstin (Canada)

● Gender aerobics / Pascal Lièvre (France) (15')
The artist invites us to a gender aerobics session, a collective experience where we will perform a sentence of the philosopher Paul B. Preciado from "Testo Junkie" one of his most important books: There is no truth of gender, of masculine and feminine, outside of a set of normative cultural fictions. Each movement is associated with a piece of the sentence, the set of movements forming the whole sentence.
We will thus be able to live with our body what the philosopher announces as a normative fiction.

Dont Text Your Ex / Jo Güstin (Canada)

Screening (50') followed by a gender aerobic performance (15')

Reception of 50 people

Free entry