Fugitive Hearts - Tribute to Pedro Lemebel


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Performance and scenic experience around the great figure of Latin American queer art: Pedro Lemebel, Chilean artist, writer and political activist, recently deceased, very popular in his country and still unknown in Europe. In a fashion that crosses the exhibition-tribute to the show and performance, fugitive hearts escape from Lemebel's work to bring us snippets of his baroque, marginal and resistant universe. Actors and spectators brush up against each other in this sensual memorial, made of bodies, archives, images, sounds and hybrid materials between Europe and South America, here and there, yesterday and today. A living constellation of embraces is created around a powerful and transgressive work, urgent to discover, which writes and questions our current ways of loving and fighting.


Performance of the show CŒURS FUGITIFS, followed by a friendly and supportive dinner

Reception 106 people

Open pricing, booking at krasnastudio@gmail.com

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