The sisters of the convent of Chênaies


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Les Sœurs de la Perpétuelle Indulgence (The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence):

  • Listen to confessions,
  • Arrange blessings,
  • Actively participate in the fight against HIV and STIs, and promote sexual health,
  • Fight all forms of LGBTQIA+phobias,
  • Recall the duty of remembrance,
  • Promote Love, Joy and Celebration,
  • Participate in LGBTQIA+ pride marches and activist events and in support of
  • HIV research,
  • Organize healing and welcoming stays for people affected by a
    chronic illness.

Active member of the convent of Chênaies, the mission of the Cagoles regularly takes to the streets of Marseille and of Provence to spread their clouds of glitter and their doubtful jokes.

As an activist, doctor and author photographer, Vanessa Hiblot learned silver photography and darkroom printing as an autodidact. She has been photographing and painting since she was a teenager, but in 2016, in parallel with her job as an emergency doctor, she began to regularly practice film photography with personal projects from shooting to printing.

Body, memory and mental image are at the heart of her work. The print allows her to work on the images until she obtains the contrasts and the density that will highlight certain textures or lines to reach the atmosphere that inspires the project in progress.

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