Anna Croitoru


Friday, the 1st of July


In fifteen years of career behind the turntables, Jennifer Cardini has gone beyond the borders of Pulp, being the Parisian club which revealed her so she could assert her vision of her philosophy of house music, be it through her DJ sets, where techno, electro and disco are mixed in the best clubs around the world such as Panorama Bar in Berlin, De School in Amsterdam, Lux in Lisbon or Good Room in New York, or in festivals as popular as Melt, Primavera Sound and Burning Man.

It's like a science of dance that is also asserted through her own labels like the electro Correspondant or the more experimental Dischi Autunno but also through her constant commitment to the LGBT community. Now being based in Berlin, after six years spent in the heart of the Cologne scene, Jennifer Cardini has taken up the challenge of being a curator for a day at Nuits Sonores, offering us a program between past and future, between cult bands and stars of tomorrow, between melancholy and
excitement... just to make us grasp her love of music.