The Trans are dancing


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The project 'Les Trans Dansent! (The Trans are dancing)' was born from the will to open a space where Trans, Non-Binary and questioning people can take over the public space to carry their words in dance. It is nourished by the dream of the artists of the Essevesse Company, Fabio Dolce and Antonino Ceresia: a new society governed by the values of deep acceptance of diversity and openness of mind.
Fabio and Antonino welcome the reflections and needs of each amateur performer and articulate them to give life to a performance that is never finished, that is in perpetual movement, so as to mimic human reflection and research.
By letting oneself be captivated by the prefix 'TRANS', a reflection on identity emerges little by little.
What if the future is TRANS?
The documentary recounts the beginnings of the project and the first meeting between Fabio, Antonino, Sasha, Coline, Oskar, Lee, Emma, Camille, Mylène and dance.

Director: Mylène Chrisso
Photography: Julien Hug
Design: Fabio Dolce & Antonino Ceresia

Documentary + Performance + Discussion

Reception of 100 people

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TRANSAT Association