Migration and the Mediterranean Sea: what are the stakes and issues for LGBTI+ people?


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Fierté Marseille Organisation is organizing a series of flash conferences on the topics of LGBTQI+ migrations around the Mediterranean. In order to show the necessity of an intersectional approach to address Mediterranean LGBTQI+ prides.

The following guests will speak:
- Alessandro Battaglia, Torino Pride.
- Cyriac Bouchet-Mayer, University of Montpellier.
- Ruslan Niyazov, trans* activist from Kharkiv.
- Ouafa Boulanouar, Francophone Diversity Network.
- Erykah G. Werner, Francophone Diversity Network.
- Moussa Fofana, LGBTI+ Migrants Network.

This conference is an introduction to the Mediterranean LGBTQI+ Conference organized by Torino Pride on October 6th, in the framework of the annual general meeting of the European Pride Organisers Association.

International conference organized in partnership with Torino Pride on Euro-Mediterranean LGBTI+ issues

Reception of 50 people

The conference is free with registration at international@pride-marseille.com

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Pride Marseille