Saturday, the 2nd of July

Welcome to the universe of Mila Dietrich, 26 years old producer with an original career. Imagine a dark and smoky tunnel, where echoes of lascivious voices resound with red neon lights flashing for only light, letting glimpses of BDSM scenes rhythmed by a haunting techno.

Originally from Marseilles, Mila was first destined to play rock music, taking up the drums at the age of 10. During her teenage years, she went from band to band, rehearsing in a damp and dark basement. At the age of 16, she started to visit the electronic parties of Marseille, taking musical shots at the Docks des Suds, where she saw the best DJs of the minimal techno scene (Boris Brejcha, Extrawelt, Paul K). She then discovered that she didn't need anyone to make a career in music, especially since she felt more and more cramped within her rock band.

"I was frustrated that I couldn't push my creative vision. It wasn't moving as fast as I wanted and I wanted it to move. I took my things and went for it on my own." Naturally, the artist, bursting with ideas, headed for electro music. After a few trial runs in bars in Marseille, she quickly switched to production on Ableton, which allowed her to unleash her creative impulses by releasing singles and EPs on the Internet. In the cellar, the drums are piled up in a corner, leaving room for the computer and the machines.

Quickly, opportunities accumulate for the young artist, including two of her tracks being chosen by L'Oréal for a commercial (in which she also makes an appearance). In 2019, she hits the jackpot, finishing 1st the BPM Contest, Season 8, thanks to her mixes between techno, electro, coldwave, EBM and trance, being influences she unleashes on her EP 'Intrusion' which installs her in the list of the new French artists to follow closely.
In June 2021, Mila has just released her first album. A long techno format of 10 tracks, more cinematographic than ever, with varied influences.