Sluttiest Queer Club


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Exceptionally, the doors of the Cargo are open to all genres of the community for an evening where desires come true. All kinks are allowed as long as they are consented. The label Domination Queer Records recruited a cellar fanatic to set the dark/sexwave, indus and ebm sound ambiance. At the entrance, the locker rooms, the bar, the smoking room and the dancefloor to get comfortable, dance, cruise and flirt. Further on, the pool and the jacuzzi to play and warm up. In the back, the backrooms and long corridors, for the darkest of fantasies. All LGBTIQ sexualities are welcome. Vanilla sex, BDSM, fetishes of all kinds have their place here. A part of the profits of the evening is donated to the Gender Fucker Project.

LGBTQI+ sauna night


All exits are final

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The CargoGender Fucker Project, Domination Queer RecordsIn partnership with ENIPSE