Tattooing our rights on our heart - Our identities, our universal rights


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Human Rights Tattoo (HRT) was started in 2012 by Dutch community artist Sander van Bussel; "I felt I needed to use my ideas and talent in the best way possible, to use art as a spark for social change." Instantly, Human Rights Tattoo became a collection of talents; tattoo artists, festivals and museums, translators and volunteers; all contributing their time and expertise. The tattoos are on a "Pay What You Want" basis, to make it accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Get a tattoo of a random (drawn) letter from the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Sander Van Bussels)

Reception of 60 people

Free of charge, upon reservation at

Organized by >

HRT, Moving Marseille / Wetopia, Amnesty International, RML & Institut CALEM (the houses of inclusion in Marseille)