Friday, the 1st of July


TTristana lives in Marseille where she has been contributing to the local scene for several years. Expressing herself through DJ sets, productions and in 2021 with a live AV, her passion for hybrid music leads her to undisciplined sounds, haunting melodies and raw rhythms, just like her references Arca or Sophie.

Headlining festivals such as Les Nuits Sonores, le Bon Air, Riam or We Love Green or during Shemale Trouble (Paris) or Meta (Marseille) parties. Every set and every piece produced appears as an experimental space, an attempt to create a world, a story, outside the usual schemes of genre and thought, with the search for an accurate musicality and consistent in its complexity as a framework.

After the release of an EP in spring 2021, she also joins the European platform Shape! Her upcoming EP is announced for Fall 2021

Above all, TTristana presents an immersive and hybrid live AV since summer 2021 where she unveils her productions (sometimes with Christoff Riedel), her voice (and that of Flame Angel) as well as stage collaborations with the guitarist Js donny, the scenographer Thomas Leblanc, the visual creations of llyazel and the 3D animations of Glock-X-Time.

This live AV will be presented at Nuits Sonores and Scopitone.