SPACE 3013

52 rue de la République (streetcar stop Sadi Carnot) 

Pride Marseille welcomes you to Espace 3013 from Wednesday June 21 to Friday June 30 daily from 1pm to 9pm and Sunday July 2 from 3pm to 9pm.

SPACE 3013

Come and visit the Pride²Weeks exhibitions: "The glorious 30"by Sun Afrika, "Indivisible and visible"by the Jeunes du Refuge andFamília"by the Portuguese Consulate and the Association des Parents Gais et Lesbiens, " #lacommedia "You can also pick up a full program, buy Pride Marseille goodies or simply meet us for a low-cost drink at the solidarity bar! 

June 21 to June 30 1 pm to 9 pm - July 2 3 pm to 9 pm



Photo project organized over 3 years in collaboration with the photographer Gemma Museinitially in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sun Afrika by embodying the positive energy and the luminous, powerful and benevolent entity that it aspired to become in his life's journey.

Inspired by the work "The Birth of Venus", the series features Sun, the androgynous divinity of love, glory and beauty, who in the first part comes into the world in the fountain of the Palais Longchamp and takes up residence in the Musée des beaux-arts de Marseille in the second part.

An inspiration and message of pride, tolerance, resilience and victory for the LGBTQI+ community; 

The objective being to establish a positive, solar and benevolent Afro Queer representation and a motivation to continue to work so that we can all exist and co-exist peacefully, in particular in Marseille destined to become this radiant, virtuous and glorious city that we deserve.



To speak of family today obliges us to speak of plural families. We live in a time of enormous transformations of this dimension of life in modern societies. 

A family is first and foremost an affective, coherent and stable network of sharing and unconditional love, normally formed in a safe space called "home".

In the LGBTQI+ universe, two men, two women or one person with children can, had and will build this house.

Families composed of same-sex couples, lesbian mothers, homosexual fathers and bisexual and/or trans* fathers and mothers are the faces of family diversity that, however, do not find representation in Portuguese daily life, which remains dominated by heteronormativity.

The photographic project FAMÍLIA by Mag Rodrigues features LGBTQI+ families living in Portugal. These intimate portraits of their homes aim to give visibility and representation to these families, as well as demonstrating that they are no different from so-called traditional families.

Mag Rodrigues was born in Lisbon in 1991. She has a degree in photography. She is the author of several documentary and auteur works: Subsolo (2018), As Senhoras (2019), três por quatro [3 x 4] (2020), Covidário (2020), Mãos : no metro de Lisboa (2019-2020), Património, (2020-2021), Homenagem à Pacheca e a Todas as Pachecas deste Mundo (2021), FAMÍLIA (2021), A Cor da Luz (2022 - in progress).

Last year, the FAMÍLIA exhibition - portraits of lgbtqia+ families - was presented at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris - Maison du Portugal, as part of the Portugal-France 2022 Season (in partnership with Inter-LGBT and ILGA Portugal), and at the Theatro Circo, in Braga (Portugal), as part of the Rencontres de l'Image 2022.



The existence, where the soul and the body are one and indivisible, the external looks, the lowered eyes, I am the Visible and the Unique, I am ME.

A photo exhibition by and for the young people and the team of the Bouches-du-Rhône delegation of the Refuge Foundation.

Because they are LGBT+, thousands of young people of all origins and social backgrounds experience the drama of family rejection every year.

It is to save these damaged lives that Le Refuge was created 20 years ago.

With its teams of employees and volunteers, the Refuge Foundation provides shelter and support for young LGBT+ people, aged 14 to 25, who are victims of homophobia or transphobia and who are experiencing family breakdown, to help them rebuild their lives emotionally and materially.



Performance on July 2nd at 6pm at 3013 (40 mn)

#lacommedia is a journey inspired by The Comedy of Dante that the choreographers of the Essevesse Company Antonino Ceresia and Fabio Dolce propose to the spectators between the virtual and the dance.

A video and musical installation realized in collaboration with the artists Nicolas Clauss and Romain Aweduti, which turns in loop, punctuated by a poetry of Antonino and Fabio which weaves a link between the universe and the Dantesque interrogations of the Middle Ages and those of the 2 artists today.

What is the language that unites people? How do we evolve? What about love?

The installation, which can also exist alone, will be enriched by a dance and music performance, interpreted by Fabio, Antonino and Romain, presented to the public as a continuation of the sensory journey where one can detect keys that open on another imaginary, complementary, singular, between some voguing movements to the sounds of cymbal and a dive on points to the soft notes of a guitar...