Tomorrow, Saturday 1ᵉʳ July at 2pm at the Porte d'Aix, we were to march to demand our rights, too often called into question, and to celebrate the 30ᵉ anniversary of Marseille Pride.  

The Préfecture de Police was to ensure the security of the march by blocking traffic and smoothing the flow of traffic. Following Nahel's death and recent events in Marseille and the rest of the country, the Préfecture de Police decided to withdraw from the security arrangements in order to carry out other missions, and expressly asked us to hold these traffic points.

With less than 24 hours to go before the event, Pride Marseille is unable to find a hundred or so competent people to carry out these missions, with the logistics that this implies (light and heavy vehicles, vests, signage, etc.). 

The Fierté Marseille Organisation team has therefore decided to postpone the Marche des Fiertés to a later date. The entire team, mobilized since September 2022, is angry and disappointed by this decision, but the safety of our community is paramount. 

However, in order to maintain the viability of our association Fierté Marseille Organisation, which is also in charge of the future LGBTQIA+ Center, we have decided to maintain our official evening at the Cartonnerie Friche Belle de Mai. This evening will enable us to give visibility to our community and put forward our demands, and to offer LGBTQIA+ people a place of refuge, information and conviviality in this particular and difficult context for all.

On Tuesday, a child was shot dead by a police officer: Pride Marseille is saddened and outraged. We condemn all police violence and support Nahel's family and loved ones.

Fierté Marseille Organisation