Monday July 5th

From 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Our committed identities, despite masculinities
all powerful

Suggested by: CALEM Institute, Festival of Marseille, AOZIZ (the houses of inclusion in Marseille)

Ticketing : 5€ - 1€ (solidarity ticketing)*

The film: Video film by Selma and Sofiane Ouissi. Selma and Sofiane's research is always oriented around the human condition and what drives daily relationships. Commissioned by the Guggenheim Abu Dhabithe Tunisian duo directed from a distance five women artists, for the project "Wajdan". Filmed at home by their cell phones, they respond to the voice of Wajdan, a Syrian political refugee living in France, whose story was part of the project "The Smallest Gesture presented by Selma and Sofiane Ouissi, in 2019, at Festival of Marseille. An experimental video full of humanity, which questions social relationships and the place of artists in times of crisis.

The roundtable (starting at 8:30 pm): Debate animated by Ludovic Thomas on the paths of committed lives, with the participation of Olivier Maurel (co-author of a History of the fight against AIDS - 2021), Mounir Baatour (Founder of Shams - LGBTI+ Tunisia) and Moussa Foune Fofana (present of RML - association of LGBT+ migrants of Marseille) Erika Nomeni and Paulo Hggns (Baham Arts).

Théâtre des Bernardines : 17, Boulevard Garibaldi - Marseille 1er
*1€ ticket for people with disabilities, people in precarious situations or people in integration (culture charter).

Saturday, July 3rd

Homoparental families
From 9:30 AM to 12 PM

Children's party

Suggested by: GLPA

Subject: In the kindergarten of the Longchamp PalaceDuring this event, families are invited with their children and friends for a snack organized by the APGL (Association of Gay and Lesbian Parents and Future Parents).

Palais Longchamp : Bd du jardin zoologique - Marseille 4ème
From 11:00 to 13:00

Our danced and staged identities

Suggested by: Festival of Marseille & AOZIZ (the houses of inclusion in Marseille)

Ticketing : free of charge upon registration by email

Subject:  Dance and improvisation workshop. The Mozambican choreographer and dancer PANAIBRA GABRIEL CANDA dances and speaks the African body of today. A body that hammers the earth, chants its revolt, breathes its demons. A body alone on stage which, accompanied by a guitarist MarrabentaThis is the complex history of his country.

Friche Belle de Mai (meeting point in front of the bookshop) : 41, rue Jobin - Marseille 3ème
Tel. 06 67 46 64 06
Starting at 11:00 am

NON-CONFORMING: a series of 5 podcasts

Suggested by: Pride Marseille

Subject: Around the theme "Always Too Muchthe Pride Marseille 2020 offers NON-CONFORMINGa series of 5 podcasts presented by Marine Baousson, which aim to move the lines in a calm and thoughtful way on topics of gender, sexuality, masculinity or feminism.

Broadcasting: 5 podcasts to listen to on the website and broadcasting platforms (Spotify...)
From 11:00 to 14:30

Pride Festival

Suggested by: Pride Marseille

Ticketing : free admission upon registration via Weezeventand upon presentation of the Sanitary Pass

Subject: Before the start of the Pride March, the marchers meet at the Pride Festival in the gardens of Longchamp Palace. Village of associations and partners. "Welcome to Sisterparkthe theme park of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence "Mission of the Cagoles (games and unusual gifts). Bar.

11:00 am > 2:30 pm: Max M'VIBES (Omega - Nice)

Health Protocol: The entrance is limited to 1500 people with registration Weezevent and the Sanitary Pass (registration via Weezevent is mandatory but does not guarantee admission). Sanitary measures at the bar. Wearing a mask is mandatory. More info : Pride Festival

Pride Festival : Palais Longchamp - Marseille 4ème
Pride Marseille
From 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Pride March

Suggested by: Pride Marseille
Participation: free access (without Sanitary Pass).

Object: Around the motto "Always Too Much"the Pride Marseille invites you to mobilize yourself, your parents, your friends, your co-workers, and all those who support our struggle for Equal Rights. Alongside LGBTI+ associations and businesses, we will march from the Palais Longchamp (Bd de Montricher) to the Vieux Port (Hôtel de Ville), respecting the health regulations. At the arrival on the square of the Hôtel de Ville we invite you to listen to the closing speeches before dispersing and joining the bars and the Apéro-concert of Pride Festival (Longchamp Palace).

Blessing of the Walk: At 3pm, just before departure, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence "Mission of the Cagoles bless the Pride March. How would it be possible to walk without receiving the blessing of our dearest sisters?

Minute of Silence: During the Pride MarchAt the Place du Général De Gaulle (Canebière - Palais de la Bourse), we invite the marchers to remember our dead, victims of AIDS, of deportation to Nazi camps, of the persecutions that our sisters and brothers suffer in the Mediterranean and in the world, and of all forms of LGBTIphobia. After the 3 blasts of the foghorn, Didier Garcia's speech is followed by a "Minute of Silence", either standing, crouching, or in die-in (lying on the ground).

Covid-19 Health Protocol and Guidelines: All necessary information is available on the page Pride March and the Facebook event PRIDE MARSEILLE 2021 (OFFICIAL).

Route : Boulevard De Montricher (Palais Longchamp) - Rue Espérandieu - Boulevard de la Libération - Réformés - Canebière - Quai des Belges (Vieux Port) - Hôtel de Ville (Vieux Port).
From 18h00 to 01h00

Pride Festival

Suggested by: Pride Marseille

Ticketing : free admission upon registration via Weezeventand upon presentation of the Sanitary Pass

Subject: After the March, the Pride Festival continues in the gardens of the Longchamp Palace. Village of associations and partners. Amusement park of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence "Mission of the Cagoles (games and unusual gifts). Bar.

6:00 > 8:00 PM: Max M'VIBES (Omega - Nice)

8:00 > 9:00 PM: IXPE (Discoquette - Paris)

9:00 > 11:00 PM: Mila DIETRICH invites DEPRESSION MONDAINE

11:00 PM > 1:00 AM: Miss LUCY WARD (Glam - Nice)

Health Protocol: The entrance is limited to 1500 people with registration Weezevent and the Sanitary Pass (registration via Weezevent is mandatory but does not guarantee admission). Sanitary measures at the bar. Wearing a mask is mandatory. More info : Pride Festival

Pride Festival : Palais Longchamp - Marseille 4ème

Friday, July 2nd

Starting at 6:30 pm

The role of music in the history of the LGBTI+ community

Suggested by: Pride Marseille

Ticketing : free entry

Guests Didier Varrod (Musical Director of Radio France), Fany Corral (DJ, founder of the label Kill the DJ), Xavier Paufichet alias DJ IXPE (co-founder of the Discoquette parties and of the project Disques du lobby).

Subject: The evolution of the LGBTI+ movements is underpinned by a soundtrack that mixes Disco, Voguing and Electro among others, and from which emerge icons such as Freddie Mercury, La Callas or Dalida. The songs liberate the word and can be a vector of visibility. It is on the basis of this observation that the Pride Marseille proposes to address the essential role that music plays in the history of the LGBTI+ community and vice versa.

Espace Musical Hyperion : 2 bis, Av. du Maréchal Foch - Marseille 4ème
Literary meeting
Starting at 6:30 pm

Exchange with the writer Wendy Delorme

Suggested by: IDEM Collective

Ticketing : free entry

Subject: The IDEM Collective proposes a meeting with the French writer, performer, and feminist Wendy Delorme, around her book "The time of the fire will come. Discussion of this incandescent choral novel, which is not unlike " 1984 " by George Orwell or "The Scarlet Handmaiden by Margaret Atwood, which is about the emancipation of bodies, the spirit of revolt and sisterhood.

Novel Summary: In this dystopia, the crises we are going through today are reflected... A totalitarian society is set up after the sudden disappearance of a part of the young generation mobilized for the climate. Books are forbidden, borders are closed and women are called upon to procreate to renew the population. But a community, inspired by the Watchmen of Monique Wittig, emerges to resist this new imposed order...

L'hydre aux mille têtes : 96, Rue Saint-Savournin - Marseille 1er
Festive evening
Starting at 6:30 pm

Mila Dietrich at Pulse

Suggested by: The Pulse, in collaboration with ENIPSE Prévention-Santé

Ticketing : free entry

Subject: On the occasion of this 28ème Pride Marseillethe bar The Pulse proposes to make the Cours Julien our stage. With Mila Dietrich to make the turntables vibrate, smoke and a laser for the atmosphere, the terrace will be our dancefloor. All this, with the whole team of Pulse to serve us, and the information-prevention stand of the association ENIPSE.

Le Pulse : 94, Cours Julien - Marseille 6ème
Starting at 7:00 pm

To the 3G exhibits PoM Urb

Suggested by: To 3G

Ticketing : free entry

Subject: The association bar To 3G gives free rein to the exhibition PoM Urb. At a time of non-stop newsfeeds and social networks, with newsprint, red and black, she brings to life or revives free women, strong and fragile, sometimes losing but always fighting. Since 2014, this is how she shares on the walls of the city or elsewhere stories of women who matter to her, question her, touch her, support her.

To 3G : 3, rue St. Pierre - Marseille 5ème
Dance Workshop
From 8 PM

Arabness, Body and People

Suggested by: Festival of Marseille & AOZIZ (the houses of inclusion in Marseille)

Ticketing : free admission with registration at

Subject: Dance and improvisation workshop. Participatory performance Itmahrag Extended. Created from the original play Itmahrag, Itmahrag Extended is a 15mn performance involving 15 to 50 amateurs (all public). An original sharing in the heart of the Mahraganat. Registrants will work with the company's artists in three workshops (Sat. June 26, Sun. June 27 and Thu. 1er July). The Festival of Marseille and AOZIZ propose to discover the restitution of this performance at the Friche Belle de Mai (July 2 at 8pm).

Itmahrag: Show by the Cie. Olivier Dubois, on Thursday July 8 and Friday July 9 at Silo. Ticketing: 10€ and 1€ for the Charte Culture (solidarity ticketing for people with disabilities or in precarious situations). In this artistic project between France and Egypt, 11 dancers and musicians take over the Mahraganat, this new musical and artistic expression of the young generation of the popular districts of Cairo.

Friche Belle de Mai : 41, rue Jobin - Marseille 3ème
CEPAC Silo : 35, rue du Lazaret - Marseille 2ème

Thursday, July 1st

Exhibitions and Vernissage
From 5 PM to 7 PM

Human rights and sexual minorities, La Masculinité, Autel des Sœurs and Les Petits Papiers

Suggested by: Amnesty International, Le Refuge, Sœurs de la Perpétuelle Indulgence, SOS Homophobie

Ticketing : free entrance

Duration: of 1er July to July 5, 2021

Exhibition proposed by Amnesty International: The exhibition "Human rights and sexual minorities" aims to highlight human rights violations experienced by people because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Human rights are universal and indivisible. Therefore, Amnesty International affirms that all persons, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, should have access to the full range of rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). This is unfortunately not the case, as this exhibition, conceived as a journey through the UDHR, shows. Some articles are highlighted because the human rights they state are being violated with regard to homosexual, bisexual or transgender people.

Exhibition proposed by Le Refuge : The Masculinity. "Because each body tells a story, their stories... Like tightrope walkers, bodies that have defied borders, judgments... smiles that hide wounds but also hope..." This exhibition, a wild session in the streets of Marseille, reminds us that tolerance, respect, comfort, will bring back to everyone a glimmer of hope that their illuminated faces invite us to never extinguish.

Exhibition proposed by the Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence : Lhe Mission of the Cagoles will unveil its Altar of Deconfinement. You will be able to discover the wonderful history of the Sisters, relics, photos, documents and windows into the Sisters' preparation.

Exhibition proposed by SOS Homophobie: "The Little Papers school interventions. Come and discover the exhibition of SOS homophobia revisited! Our association organizes throughout the year interventions in schools to fight against LGBTIphobia and sexism. The exhibition gathers anonymous questions and remarks written by students, on small papers, in the academy of Aix-Marseille. Rare pearls collected and sorted by our volunteers, for better or for worse!

Théâtre des Bernardines : 17, Bd Garibaldi - Marseille 1er
From 7 PM to 10 PM

Theatrical performance with Transat

Suggested by: Transat

Ticketing : Free admission with reservation.

Subject: Theatrical performance. The association Transat invites you to an evening of presentation of the work carried out within the framework of workshops of theater organized within the association, by the director Carole Errante of the CriAtura Company. For the past two years, TransatThe trans association in Marseille, proposes theater workshops for trans and/or non-binary people: an opportunity for people to assert themselves, to discover themselves, and to express, to experiment on their life, their gender, their body, their image, their identity, and to carry their word. Come and discover their work during a 30 minute public performance.

Théâtre des Bernardines : 17, Bd Garibaldi - Marseille 1er
Festive evening
From 8 PM

Pride has fun at the Play Bar

Suggested by: Play Bar, in collaboration with ENIPSE Prévention-Santé

Ticketing : free entry

Subject: In an atmosphere boosted by 120 BPM electro-house, the PLAY BAR offers a spicy evening with rainbow accents. Charles and Ben welcome you, along with the Volunteers of the Pride MarseilleA great moment of sharing and conviviality. Information-prevention stand of the ENIPSE association.

Play Bar : 133, Rue Breteuil - Marseille 6ème

Wednesday June 30th

Aperitif beach
From 6 PM

Apéro-Plage with MUST

Suggested by: MUST

Subject: After the effort the comfort! The association MUST (Marseille United Sport pour Tous) organizes an event open to all, to meet, exchange and share his passion for sports in a familiar and relaxed atmosphere. On the program: beach volleyball, petanque on the sand, and of course to cool off around a drink or in the water! Bring something to share!

Plage du prophète : 178, Corniche Kennedy - Marseille 7ème
Meeting and round table
From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

The invisibility of lesbian women in the governance of companies and associations

Suggested by: Other Circle

Broadcasting: on the Facebook pages of the Other Circle Provence-Mediterranean and Pride Marseille

Subject: The Other Circle Provence Mediterraneanon an initiative of theOther Circle Ile de Franceproposes an evening around the invisibility of lesbian women in the economic and associative fields. Based on the testimonies of three lesbian women, theOther Circle will initiate a discussion with actors from the professional and associative world to find solutions to promote equality and diversity in economic and associative decision-making bodies.

Virtual Conference:
Festive evening
Starting at 7:00 pm

Miss Creamy over the Rainbow

Suggested by: Annex Bar, in collaboration with ENIPSE Prévention-Santé

Subject: The evening starts on the terrace with Rainbow colors. Around an aperitif-tapas, we find the friends of the LGBTI+ diversity. When the night falls, the artist-transformer MISS CREAMY moves the turntables to the sounds of the great classics of pop-disco-kitch music. Information-prevention stand of the ENIPSE association.

L'Annexe Bar : 7, rue Saint Bazile - Marseille 1er
From 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm

The First Walk

Suggested by: Pride Marseille

Ticketing : Full price 9,50€ / Reduced price : 7,50€ / Under 20 years old : 6,50

Subject: Screening of the documentary film The first march. Evening presented by the journalist, author and film historian Didier Roth-Bettoni.

Synopsis: The First Walk (Documentary film by Akim Atoui and Baptiste Etchegaray - 2020 - 1h04). On June 9, 2019, four students lead the first Pride March in the suburbs. 50 years later StonewallThey are imposing the LGBTI+ fight where no one had ever imagined it. A hectic immersion among the Pride organizers, suburban and proud. The issues of intersectionality and inclusiveness of the struggles are clearly posed. The young activists are brimming with an infectious energy, full of humor and commitment, which inspires a desire for unity in the face of oppression.

La Baleine : 59, Cours Julien - Marseille 6ème

Tuesday June 29th

From 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Transparency in cinema: Seahorse

Suggested by: Transat, Les Culottées, APGL

Ticketing : 10,30€ / Reduced rates available

Subject: Screening of the documentary film Seahorse followed by an exchange between the associations and the public.

Synopsis: Seahorse (Documentary film by Jeanie Finlay - 2019 - 1:31). Freddy is 30 years old and longs to start a family, but for him this ordinary desire comes with unique challenges. Freddy is a transgender gay man. Deciding to carry his own baby took years of reflection, but nothing could prepare him for the reality of pregnancy, both as a physical experience and as a challenge to society's fundamental understanding of gender, parenthood and family. He soon realizes that what he is experiencing in a pragmatic way, is deeply confusing and questioning for others, something he had not anticipated. Made over three years, with unprecedented closeness and collaboration, the film follows Freddy from preparation to conception, and all the way to birth. It is an intimate, bold and lyrical story about conception, pregnancy, birth and what makes us who we are.

Cinéma Les Variétés : 37, rue Vincent Scotto - Marseille 1st
Tel. 04 91 35 20 86
From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Memory and Affirmation

Suggested by: Memory of Sexualities and the Memorial of the Homosexual Deportation

Ticketing : free entry

Subject: LGBTI+ people have often been victims, they have sometimes been heroes. But they are forgotten victims and heroes. The question that arises is how to honour their memory, how to mark on the territory of our cities what they have been, what they have done.

There were the deportees, the victims of AIDS, the victims of LGBTIphobic aggressions. And some of them, some of their associations, have carried their words and their fights high. But they are forgotten. The public authorities do not know or recognize them. And the LGBTI+ community has often forgotten them too, neglecting the role they have played in ensuring our rights and freedoms today. Commemorative plaques, street names or other forms of marking will tell today's teens and adults the recognition they are entitled to. It is time to open this debate in Marseille.

Maison Départementale de la Lutte contre les Discriminations : 67, Av. de Toulon - Marseille 6ème
Festive evening
Starting at 7:00 pm

Pride Marseille dinner at the Bistro

Suggested by: Venetian Bistro "Chez Mariein collaboration with ENIPSE Prévention-Santé

Ticketing : reservation recommended

Subject: Under the lime trees of its colorful terrace, Marie and the Bistro team welcome you for the traditional dinner of the friends of the Pride Marseille. A pleasant moment of Pride to make your taste buds salivate. More info on social networks. Don't forget to book (Tel. 04 91 47 34 34) ! Information-prevention stand of the association ENIPSE

Venetian Bistro "Chez Marie" : 29, cours Julien - Marseille 6ème
Sport and Conviviality
Starting at 7:30 pm

Sport & Fun at Mont Rose

Suggested by: FrontRunners Marseille

Subject: A bit of sport to start the evening, with a 1h jogging for those who want to run, direction Callelongue: meeting from 7:15 pm on the parking at the end of the Bd. Mont Rose. And for those who prefer to swim, a short circuit of swimming in the sea : meeting point on the rocks from 7.15 pm. Afterwards, sportsmen and women as well as non-sportsmen will meet on the rocks of Mont Rose, facing the sunset, for a moment of conviviality with an aperitif offered by the Marseille Front. And to finish the evening, we picnic all together. Music, candles and lanterns will be there to brighten the evening.

Madrague Montredon - Mont Rose Beach - Marseille 8th

Monday June 28th

Literature - Theater
From 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Reading of LGBT texts

Suggested by: Pride Marseille

Ticketing : free entry

Subject: To bring to life, to embody the characters of the texts that have moved you, upset you, made you vibrate. This is the objective of this literary event during which an actor and director (Olivier PAULS) and an actress (Céline GIUSIANO) will organize, paste, juxtapose, and then read excerpts of texts proposed by members of our community via the calls made in recent weeks on our social networks. They will propose us to discover or rediscover the richness of LGBTI+ literature.

HangART : 106 bis, Bd. Françoise Duparc - Marseille 4th
Festive evening
From 6 PM

Food & Drink of the 3 Kings

Suggested by: The 3 Kings, in collaboration with ENIPSE Prévention-Santé

Ticketing : free entry

Subject: The restaurant THE 3 KINGS welcomes you to the traditional aperitif "Food & Drink" of the Pride Marseille. In a friendly Electro-house atmosphere, Fabien and his team propose a choice of tapas and cocktails in the colors of the rainbow. Information-prevention stand of the association ENIPSE.

Les 3 Rois : 4, rue des Trois Rois - Marseille 6ème

Sunday, June 27

Encounters, Bodies and Migration
From 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Our migrations, our blurred existences

Suggested by: RML (LGBTI+ Migrant Shelter), CALEM Institute, AOZIZ (houses of inclusion in Marseille)

Ticketing : free entry

For more information, please contact

Subject: A friendly aperitif-dinner of theCALEM Institute. The association RML of Marseille was created by and for LGBTI+ migrants. They meet every week, on Friday at 5:30 pm at the Spot Longchampand sometimes to the Institute CALEM for convivial activities or others. On the occasion of this aperitif-dinner, come and discover their photos taken during their journey to Europe, as well as the paintings of a local artist, in the windows of the shops and cultural structures of the Panier. Sale of African dishes by RML.

Garden of the CALEM Institute : 4, rue Danton - Marseille 3rd
From 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Bleu Nuit with Didier Roth-Bettoni

Suggested by: Pride Marseille

Ticketing : 7€

Subject: Presentation of the Pride Marseille 2021 and screening of the film Night Blue followed by an exchange with the public. Evening presented by the journalist, author and film historian, Didier Roth-Bettoni.

Synopsis: Night Blue (Australian drama by Samuel Van Grinsven - 2019 - 1h20 - VOST). Attracted to anonymous app sex, Sequin seeks contact with older people. During a memorable evening, he meets a mysterious and fascinating man for whom he feels an irrepressible attraction. From then on, he will do anything to find this stranger, even if he has to rely on a threatening former lover to help him.

Review: Inspired by the new queer cinema, this erotic thriller transposed to the digital age is a thrilling experience. With rare visual talent and infectious energy, the Australian director explores how social media connects and alienates us. He brilliantly depicts the precarious excitement of the "fuck on app"The film is based on the ever-renewed search for strong sensations and the psychology, sometimes tormented, of its users. An intense film, disturbing and deranged, but above all very real.

Cinéma Madeleine : 36, Av. du Maréchal Foch - Marseille 4th
Tel. 0 892 69 66 96

Saturday, June 26th

Virtual Pride
From 6:00 pm to 6:50 pm

Virtual Pride in streaming

Suggested by: Pride Marseille

 Subject: The success of Virtual Pride 2020 leads the team of the Pride Marseille to renew this initiative on the occasion of this 28ème edition. On Saturday, June 26, from 6:00 pm to 6:50 pm, we will offer 50 minutes of programs broadcasted in streaming on the website Pride Marseilleand the site France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur as well as on social networks. This program will be an opportunity to present you the associations of our territory, the programming of the Pride Marseille 2021and the series of 5 podcasts entitled "NON-CONFORMING"that we have produced, and that you will be able to listen to from July 3rd on the broadcasting platforms.

Broadcasting: Streaming via the Pride Marseille website, the France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur website and social networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter).

Friday June 25th

From June 25 to July 3

LGBTI+ culture in bookstores

Suggested by: Pride Marseille

Subject: The Pride Marseille continues its LGBTI+ contributing bibliography project. During the week of the PrideWeek (from Friday, June 25th to Saturday, July 3rd), you will find in the bookstores listed below, a selection of essays, comics, children's books and novels whose themes revolve around LGBTQI culture, feminism, gender or bodies.

You are all called upon to contribute to this online bibliography in which you can register your favorite books, graphic novels or comics that have touched or amazed you. This bibliography, which already has nearly 250 works listed, should help bookstores in the region to build up increasingly visible collections and you, the readers, to find your happiness!

Maupetit-Actes Sud : 142, La Canebière - Marseille 1st
La réserve à bulles : 58, rue 3 Frères Barthélémy - Marseille 6ème
Les Arcenaulx : 25, Cours Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves - Marseille 1st
L'hydre aux mille têtes : 96, Rue Saint-Savournin - Marseille 1er
Forum BD : 180, Av. Régis Ryckebusch - 04100 Manosque
Le petit pois : 32, Rue Grande - 04100 Manosque
De fil en page : 2, Av. Jean Moulin - 04160 Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban
From 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The Spot Longchamp exposes...

Suggested by: Aides, Spot Longchamp

Ticketing : Free entry

Subject: Opening of the exhibition of Spot Longchamp (Community Sexual Health Center). Come and discover the works of Vanessa Hiblot, body party, silver photographs, photo of the Pride Marseille 2019 and Mouillette (Marseille), as well as the paintings of Ferdinand Stéphane-Coldefy. After his series "Out Of Touch he presents his new works on Queer bodies. From June 25 to August 10.

SPOT Longchamp : 3, Bd. Longchamp - Marseille 1st