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This page is intended for all those of you who wish to get involved and become a Pride Marseille Volunteer. It gives all the explanations and useful pieces of information that will allow you to join the association Fierté Marseille Organisation and to join our team.


Around the Inter-Association and Business Steering Committee, the Fierté Marseille Organisation association brings together the Pride Marseille Volunteers. The volunteer-members basically constitute the team in charge of the administration and the general coordination of the projects, actions and events we offer. By joining the Fierté Marseille Organisation you will become a Pride Marseille Volunteer and you will take part in a great collective adventure. Depending on your savoir-faire, your "know-how", your skills and on the time you can devote to our actions, you can contribute to the organization of LGBTI+ Pride events. Some of us are involved all year long, others come to help on the D-day, for the smooth running of PrideWeek (a week of activism, culture and celebration), the Festival or the Pride March. In any case, whatever your background and availability, Pride Marseille needs your help.

The volunteers at the Opening Night of Pride Marseille 2020.


Come and meet new friends, wear the colors of Marseille Pride, join our team and take part in the organization of Marseille Pride. To become a volunteer, all you have to do is click on the Join button, follow the instructions, and pay the symbolic amount of 5€ which corresponds to your annual membership fee. Once we have registered your membership, we will come back to you to invite you to a meeting during a convivial session. Furthermore, you will be subscribed to the Volunteers' Newsletter which will give you all the pieces of information you need throughout the year. We look forward to having you by our side!

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Memberships are valid from November 30, 2022 to November 30, 2023

The membership fee is set at 5€.

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