Pride Marseille wishes to be at the crossroads between the European and Mediterranean LGBTI+ worlds. Following the example of the Euro-Mediterranean Summer Universities of Homosexuality created in Marseille in 1979, the LGBTI+ communities of Marseille have taken into account the Mediterranean experiences and issues in their reflections and struggles. Thus, for several years, the cultural program and the international influence of Pride Marseille have integrated these dimensions and put them forward, year after year.

In 2018, “l’appel de Marseille” (Marseilles Call to Action) brought together activists from all over the Mediterranean basin to work together for LGBTI+ rights around the Mediterranean. The following year, Pride Marseille created the label "PrideMed'' on the occasion of meetings organized between Beirut Pride, Naples Pride and Pride Marseille. Since then, participation in international LGBTI+ networks has enabled Pride Marseille to forge new partnerships and become even more involved in the international movement for LGBTI+ rights.

In 2022, Pride Marseille proposes a program labeled "PrideMed'' which highlights Mediterranean LGBTI+ migrations and cultures. This year will also see networking with the structures that organize pride marches in cities twinned with Marseille, such as Antwerp and Genova.

Pride Marseille is therefore participating in the promotion of Marseille's LGBTI+ cultures internationally and wishes to position Marseille as the Euro-Mediterranean LGBTI+ capital!