The organization and the team behind Marseille Pride

Around the Inter-Association and Business Steering Committee, the Fierté Marseille Organisation association gathers the Pride Marseille Volunteers. This page is intended to introduce you to the organization and the volunteers who coordinate the projects, actions and events that we offer.  


Since 2014, Pride Marseille has been organized around an Inter-Associative and Business Steering Committee that brings together around forty structures. The Committee is organized informally and defines the militant choices and the major orientations of the LGBTQI Pride events. Each year, it appoints an association whose mission is to carry out the legal and technical organization of Pride Marseille.

The associations and businesses of our territory have successively appointed the Collectif IDEM (2014-2016) and the association AGIS-IBIZA (2017-2019) which have fulfilled this function of carrier association. In 2019, the Steering Committee wished to create an association dedicated to the organization of Pride Marseille (Marche des Fiertés, Festival des Fiertés, PrideWeek...). Depending on its moral and financial results, it will be renewed each year.


The association Fierté Marseille Organisation gathers the Volunteers (volunteer members) who want to get involved and who constitute the team in charge of the administration and the General Coordination of the projects, the actions and of the events that we offer. This page is intended to introduce you to the people who work, often in the shadows, to organize Pride Marseille.

The Board of the association


As a director of a communications agency specializing in media consulting, Stéphane is an early activist, volunteering in various LGBTI+ associations. Interventions in the school environment are particularly important to him. Since 2019, he has been involved in the Marseille Pride team, particularly in the search for sponsors and partners. Stéphane also manages the media coverage and the visibility of Pride Marseille in the media. For Stéphane, "Right in the eyes" means being able to look at anyone, anywhere, at any time, without being afraid and without having to look down.

JULES - Director / Treasurer / Protocol

Jules is 20 and is a law student in Aix-en-Provence. He fervently defends the Rights and Freedoms of LGBTI+ people in the metropolis of Aix-Marseille-Provence. Having been involved in politics and the associative world from an early age, he joined Pride Marseille in 2019 as a volunteer in charge of building links with community media. Elected administrator in 2020-2021, Jules is more specifically in charge of protocol and welcoming guests.

DIDIER - Director / Secretary

Based in Marseille for more than 15 years, Didier is a consultant in industrial risk management. In 2010, he joined the association Tous&Go and contributed to the organization of the Marches for Equality organized in 2010, 2011 and 2012. In addition to his role in the association Fierté Marseille Organisation, having kept his taste for animation from his time in the free radios of the 80s, he has been the main speaker on the float of the Marche des Fiertés for a few years.

Pride Marseille's General Coordination


Born in Marseille and proud to be part of the LGBTI+ community, Alicia wanted to join the Pride Marseille team in order to support its community more closely. As a second-year master's student and teacher trainee, she is also active on social networks and it is this attraction to them that pushed her to join the communication pole. This year's motto, "Right in the eyes", has for main meaning strength and resistance: let the world observe us, judge us, even try to intimidate us sometimes, but we will never lower our eyes. 

ANTONIO / international relations

Antonio is Italian and is a young graduate in Migration Studies. He also works in the reception of asylum seekers. He arrived in 2021 in Marseille and fell in love with the city. He is a volunteer for Urgence Homophobie and for Pride Marseille, where he is a member of the International Department.

JIMMY - Administrator / Coordination PRIDE2WEEKS

Jimmy is a French teacher and a Marseillais by adoption who's in love with his city. Having been a volunteer since 2019, he was appointed administrator of the association Fierté Marseille Organisation in 2020-2021. This year, he is in charge of the links between Pride Marseille and the associations of the Steering Committee, and the programming of PrideWeek.

JONATHAN / Information System - Webmaster

Coming from Ensuès-la- Redonne and the hills of the blue coast, he is 25 and is one of the ex-situ organizers of the Marseille Pride. In 2018, he became a volunteer at the Collectif IDEM and began his missions in the service of the organization. His commitment led him to start a project in order to modernize the digital tools (e-mail servers, collaborative tools, e-mailing solutions). In 2020 and 2021, he brought his technical expertise and updates our website as Webmaster.

LILIAN / Development Manager

"My name is Mathilde, I'm 25, and I have been community manager and volunteer at Pride since I was 20 years old, if I remember correctly. This year, I am volunteering in the Communications Department, but also in the Programming Department. Having been involved in the community for as long as I can remember, for me, "Right in the eyes" is the hope of never having to look down again and of being proud of our identities, however plural they may be."

Maximilien - Administrator / Coordinator for International Relations
Maximilien has been a volunteer for Pride Marseille since 2015 and has been involved in the LGBTI+ cause since his arrival in Marseille. He is also the initiator, along with other activists, of several events organized on the LGBTI+ theme in the city of Marseille. This year, he is coordinating Pride Marseille's relations with its associative partners across borders.
For him, "right in the eye" means diversity has never waited for others' approval to exist. And it's not about to stop!

Having been a volunteer since 2018 for Pride Marseille, this year, Sandrine wanted to invest even more in the association Fierté Marseille Organisation by joining the Board of Directors and becoming the Volunteer Coordinator.

STEPHANE S. / international relations

Originally from Marseille, Stéphane is a sales assistant and is also finishing his studies in order to teach French as a foreign language. At 24 years old, eager to get involved in concrete terms in the queer community of Marseille, he has been a member of the Coordination since 2021 and is part of the International Department. For him, "Right in the eyes" is an opportunity to remind that the queer community can and must be seen and visible – even if this "in-your-face" side may not be everyone's cup of tea – so that everyone can look at themselves in the eyes with dignity.