NON-CONFORMING: a series of 5 podcasts

Around the theme "Always Too Much", Pride Marseille 2021 proposes NON CONFORMES, a series of 5 podcasts presented by Marine Baousson, which aim to move the lines in a calm and thoughtful way on the subjects of gender, sexuality, masculinity or feminism.


Our motto Always Too Much This year's theme is to denounce the norms that lock us into patterns and that lead to prejudice and insults. How can our community question these social injunctions? How can we change them?

We are convinced that-e-In order to change these norms, we must first understand where they come from and then question their legitimacy and power in our life trajectories.

The Pride Marseille introduces you to NON-CONFORMINGThis is a series of 5 podcasts that want to move the lines in a calm and thoughtful way on the subjects of gender, sexuality, masculinity and feminism. Presented by Marine Baousson, this series starts with testimonies of Marseilles' women and men who confide their experiences, marked by anecdotes, which will then feed a discussion between two intellectuals-the-s. All are recognized-e-s through their work on these themes. They will bring a more academic perspective.

We are pleased to welcome Olivia Gazalé, Brigitte Laloupe, Emmanuel Beaubatie, Camille Froidevaux-Metterie, Axelle Romby, Laurent Gaissad, Sarah Mazouz, Ary Gordien, Thibaut Jedrzejewski and David Friboulet who have agreed to participate in this new activist project of the Pride Marseille.

With this podcast project, the Pride Marseille wanted to go further than the claim, and wanted to put the questioning and the reflection at the center of its action.

Episode 2 > BODY

The body is eminently political, it is at the center of many of our claims. Whether it is in the feminist fights or those of the transgender persons, the body was and is still today in the center of the social injunctions, that

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Episode 3 > FANTASIES

Sexuality and fantasies are an intimate universe, specific to each person, but they also reflect relationships with others and in particular relationships of domination. What stereotypes do we reproduce and where do they come from will be the main questions of this

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Race is not a biological issue but a sociological issue. Thus we speak rather of "racialization" and "racialized people". The Pride events, in particular the Marseille Pride, have included these questions in their demands. What are the injunctions

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Episode 5 > CHEMSEX

Chemsex is not a recent phenomenon but it has become more and more important in practices, especially in the gay community, in the last few months. Does this "democratization" come from the sanitary crisis or does this phenomenon refer to sociological problems more

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Recording of the podcast series NOT COMPLIANT.