Monday July 5th

From 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Our committed identities, despite masculinities
all powerful

Suggested by: CALEM Institute, Festival of Marseille, AOZIZ (the houses of inclusion in Marseille)

Ticketing : 5€ - 1€ (solidarity ticketing)*

The film: Video film by Selma and Sofiane Ouissi. Selma and Sofiane's research is always oriented around the human condition and what drives daily relationships. Commissioned by the Guggenheim Abu Dhabithe Tunisian duo directed from a distance five women artists, for the project "Wajdan". Filmed at home by their cell phones, they respond to the voice of Wajdan, a Syrian political refugee living in France, whose story was part of the project "The Smallest Gesture presented by Selma and Sofiane Ouissi, in 2019, at Festival of Marseille. An experimental video full of humanity, which questions social relationships and the place of artists in times of crisis.

The roundtable (starting at 8:30 pm): Debate animated by Ludovic Thomas on the paths of committed lives, with the participation of Olivier Maurel (co-author of a History of the fight against AIDS - 2021), Mounir Baatour (Founder of Shams - LGBTI+ Tunisia) and Moussa Foune Fofana (present of RML - association of LGBT+ migrants of Marseille) Erika Nomeni and Paulo Hggns (Baham Arts).

Théâtre des Bernardines : 17, Boulevard Garibaldi - Marseille 1er
*1€ ticket for people with disabilities, people in precarious situations or people in integration (culture charter).

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